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May 25, 2017
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October 2, 2017

50 Players and Monsters Traps: Secret Tips and Tricks Your Friends Might Not Have Known; Suggestions and Advanced Traps;Unofficial Minecraft Player’s Guide;Ultimate Survival Guide;

In this Traps book you will find –
Griefer Test
One-way Portal
Music Puzzle Trap
Rail Service Terminates
Build the Rail
Cactus Maze
Cactus Maze False Exit
Lava in Wall
Fill the Pit
Water Maze
Create Drops
Pressure Plates
Iron Door
Elevator to Nowhere
Musical Death Chamber
Corner Pillars
Simplest Sticky Piston Trap
Sticky Piston Death Pit
Fill Pit with Lava
Sticky Piston Tunnel Trap
Floor Piston Trap
Piston False Ceiling Trap
Lava False Ceiling Trap
Easy Piston Cliff Toss
Easy Chest Trap
Advance Chest Trap
Tripwire Traps
Monsters Traps
Alarm System
Fill Gravel
Tread Carefully Maze
Engaging Puzzle
Complex Maze
Iron Door Trap
Hell Mud Trap
Redstone Line
Rail Track Trap
Underwater Entrance Trap
Stone Corridor Trap
Drowning Booth
Musical Madness
Zombie Apocalypse

This is an unofficial player’s guide. It is not associated with, approved, or endorsed by Minecraft or MojangAB.

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