Quiz Night XL – Science & Technology by Gadgetsfact.com
June 20, 2012
Science and Technology: Moving the Philippines Forward by Gadgetsfact.com
October 10, 2012

About VHTO, Dutch national expert organization on girls/women and science/technology by Gadgetsfact.com

VHTO, the Dutch national expert organisation on girls/women and science/technology, makes an effort in many different ways to increase the involvement of women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Although research over the past decade has made clear that girls are no less talented than boys in STEM, girls and women are still underrepresented in these fields in education and on the labour market. This is inconvenient for both girls/women and for society. Girls/women have equal rights as boys/men to develop their STEM talents, and society would benefit from fully exploiting all available talent.


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