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April 20, 2010
Amazon Appstore for Android Description, Price
March 3, 2017

Android App Development for Dummies Desc, Price

Android App Development for Dummies

If you have ambitions to build an Android app, then this book Android App Development for Dummies guide gives you everything you need to dig into the development process and turn your great idea into a reality!

In this new edition of Android App Development For Dummies, you’ll find easy-to-follow access to the latest programming techniques that take advantage of the new features of the Android operating system.

Android App Development for Dummies Desc, Price

Plus, two programs are provided: a simple program to get you started and an intermediate program that uses more advanced aspects of the Android platform. Special Features.

Create seriously cool apps for the latest Android smartphones and tablets ·Adapt your existing apps for use on an Android device.

Start working with programs and tools to create Android apps.

Publish your apps to the Google Play Store Table of Content Introduction Part I: Getting Started with Your First Android Application

Chapter 1: Developing Spectacular Android Applications

Chapter 2: Prepping Your Development Headquarters

Part II: Building and Publishing Your First Application

Chapter 3: Your First Android Project

Chapter 4: Creating the User Interface

Chapter 5: Coding Your Application

Chapter 6: Understanding Android Resources

Chapter 7: Turning Your Application into an App Widget

Chapter 8: Publishing Your App to the Google

Play Store Part III: Creating a Feature-Rich Application

Chapter 9: Designing the Tasks Application

Chapter 10: Creating the Task Detail Page

Chapter 11: Going a la Carte with Your Menu

Chapter 12: Handling User Input

Chapter 13: Getting Persistent with Data Storage

Chapter 14: Reminding the User

Chapter 15: Working with Android Preferences

Part IV: Android Is More than Phones

Chapter 16: Developing for Tablets

Chapter 17: Supporting Older Versions of Android

Chapter 18: Wearing the Tasks App

Chapter 19: Look Ma, I’m on TV!

Chapter 20: Moving beyond Google

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 21: Ten Free Sample Applications and SDKs

Chapter 22: Ten Tools to Simplify Your Development Life Index.



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