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March 21, 2017
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Android Programming Description, Price


Android Programming

This book is a guide to Android programmers and particularly to beginners on how to create amazing apps for Android(c) devices.

The book begins by describing what “Android” and “Android programming” are.

Android Programming Description, Price

Beginners are then guided on how to set up the environment ready for programming. This includes the necessary element and how to prepare them.

The next part is a guide on how to create a new Robot project. A guide on how to run the app, whether on the real device or the emulator is provided.

The programmer is also hiking on how to prepare both the physical Android device and the emulator for the purpose of running the app.

Many features which are available in Android have been explored and you will learn how to implement them using programs.

An specification on each and every program used in this book is given for ease of understanding. Alert dialogs, which are a common feature in Android have been explored hence you will get to know how to create them.

The book has also explored on how to create alive. The book provides a guide on how to create apps which can be used to send short message services (SMS) and send emails.

The following chapters have been discussed in this book: Definition. Android Programming Basics Handling Events Advanced Features Sending an Email Short Message Service (SMS) in Android Tween Animations Alert Dialog in Android Auto Completion in Android Intents and Filters in Android Themes and Styles in Android.


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