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March 23, 2017
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March 23, 2017

Android Programming Descriptions, Price


Android Programming

This Android Programming book is an exploration of Android programming language.

It has been revised for Android 6.

The first chapter of the book guides you on how to install and set up the Android Studio, which is the IDE used for development in Android.

Android Programming Descriptions, Price

The Android Studio Designer Tool will then be explored in detail, so you will know how to use it, in both design mode and in text mode.
GridLayouts are good for organizing what the user interface of an Android app will look like to the users.

In such cases, you have to set the GridLayout as the root, and the rest of the components have to be added to it as the children. You can add other features to your components such as cell padding and the gravity.
You should also come up with a appliance for handling events in your Android apps.
This book guides you on how to handle the events in your Android app. In Android, most users interact with the device via touch. This book guides you on how to handle the touch events in Android.
Fragments are also a good feature when creating Android devices as they help us come up with a nice user interface. Note that it is possible for us to add the basic components to a fragment.
To launch an activity in Android, or to pass messages between activities, you have to use intents. This book guides you on how to use absorbed. Both broadcast intents and receivers have been discussed in this book.
The book also guides you on how to access remote services in Android.

The following topics are discussed in this book:
-Installing Android Studio
-Android Studio Designer Tool
-Java for Android 6
-GridLayouts in XML
-Handling Events
-Working with Fragments
-Broadcast Intents and Receivers
-Remote Services
-Content Providers


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