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March 17, 2017
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March 18, 2017

App Marketing Description, Price


App Marketing

This App Marketing short book is dedicated to a individual goal, giving you a single app marketing strategy that works VERY well that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY.

We want your app publicity to allow you to generate 100,000 downloads in just 7 days. To do that this book is unquestionably short. The reason for that is simple … there’s only one strategy discussed.

After doing some test in your industry, you discover that you need more than just a mobile website for your business. You are going to have to really grab the attention of the smartphone generation and get them to use your mobile app. The interrogate is: once you create your app, how do you spread the word about it? Here are some great ways to market your mobile app:

Make It Useful

No matter how well you market your mobile app, if it’s not something people need, they aren’t going to be interested. Your mobile app doesn’t have to be just an perpetuation of your website or another version of your online store that would be of interest to only your current welcome. You can get creative and come up with something that will attract the general public and put your brand name in front of them.

App Marketing Description, Price

It’s a strategy that will allow you to know what kind of app to create that is most likely to succeed at the same time it allows you to generate massive numbers of downloads, appear quickly on most downloaded lists, and gain rapid recognition.

If you want an app publicity strategy that works, one that’s PROVEN to generate a ton of downloads, then this is the book for you.

Let me be clear, you will not find 9 strategies which you then have to wonder which should be implemented when or how. Instead, this book gives a single breach strategy with no extra … anything. It is written to allow you to TAKE ACTION and get more downloads.


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