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Mobile App Trends in 2015 Full Story, Price

 Mobile App Trends in 2015

As we move into  Mobile App Trends in 2015 with lots of wishes and expectations, one thing that also follows us is: people are increasingly moving from the detach world to the continuously connected one.

The app market continues to evolve as developers and users explore the possibilities of mobile technology. From business security concerns to developers news to consumer product highlights, these five trends could change tomorrow’s mobile app landscape.

People all around the globe are buying and legislate smart devices with a great pace, trying to change their ways of approach to life – changing the way we entertain, interact, educate and shop.

In business, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has resulted in many employees storing private company information on their personal devices. Physicians are using tablets to access patient information. In the finance realm, brokers exchange information via smartphones. “In these scenarios, a device that falls in the wrong hands and does not have adequate protection can be the source of a major data breach,” states Zumerle.

 Mobile App Trends in 2015 Full Story, Price

According to a survey it is expected to continue with around 50 billion connected devices expected by 2020.

For the past 15 years, enterprises and consumers have been using mobile devices primarily to communicate and collaborate.

Nowadays’s mobile devices are pocket-able supercomputers, and when they’re combined with broadband networks and public cloud services, they become extremely powerful business tools.

Next year will be the first year that companies mobilize revenue-creating  processes. Retail and Banking led this charge, moving large processes, like shopping and check deposits, to Smartphone and tablets.

This move will continue to expand into other industries as the Smartphone and tablet replace the PC as a person’s primary compute device.


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