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May 24, 2012
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May 29, 2012

Aubrey de Grey – What is the Difference between Science and Technology? by

Aubrey de Grey – SENS
What is the Difference between Science and Technology?




  1. Meowbay says:

    One other thing:
    The verb "to effect" is hardly ever used compared to the verb "to affect", which is very common.
    -> affect – (verb): to have an influence on or lead to a change in; (noun): someone's emotions or mood.
    -> effect – (noun): a result or something that happens; (verb): to accomplish or to bring about a change.

    Note that the noun form of affect and the verb form of effect are both uncommon meanings, rarely used. I think you meant to write 'affected', but I guess it was late. 😉

  2. That's good explanation

  3. science: searching and knowing knowledge of natural world. Discovering How things work.
    Tech: To solve real world problem in an efficient and cost effective way using preexisting scientific knowledge.

  4. Kurt Gödel says:

    There is no scientific theory that is vindicated by technology. Science is a human explanation of the world. Technology is a real application of the world.

    What do the binary codes, silicon microchips, and plastic have in common? Apart from making computers, there is no theory that unifies them.

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