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May 25, 2017
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Dell 15.6-Inch Privacy Filter Price,Features, Specifications

Dell 15.6-Inch Privacy Filter

This Dell 15.6-Inch Privacy Filter  Privacy Filter features 3M technology that keeps others from seeing the information on your Dell laptop or Ultra book screen–without blocking your view.Keep on-screen information private.

Privacy Filter for 15.6-inch Laptops from Dell keep your on-screen data private. The on-screen data is visible with a 60o viewing angle only to persons correctly in front of the monitor, passersby only see a dark screen. These privacy filters protect student records from side viewing to enhance the integrity of testing centers. Whether computer users are accessing private data in public, or they are working in high-traffic areas, this Dell Privacy Filter is a vital part of a complete security solution. This Filter is easy to install thanks to its frameless design and its compact size allows you to keep the privacy filter in place, even when you near your laptop. Moreover, it protect your valuable Dell Ultrabook or laptop display from smudges, scratches and marks.

Dell 15.6-Inch Privacy Filter Price,Features, Specifications



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