JFPS Oct 2009 – Dialog between Guardium and Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation by Gadgetsfact.com
October 9, 2009
Computer Science Technology Podcast by Gadgetsfact.com
April 20, 2010

Discovery Place Museum Charlotte NC – Inaugural PSA 1982/1983 – Science Technology Museum History by Gadgetsfact.com

PSA for Discovery Place Museum of Science and Technology, Charlotte, North Carolina – written and produced by Mark Wilson 1982/1983. Live videography segment collaboration with friends at TV 18. 27 year-old video tape footage recovered, edited and re-mixed to bring into the 21st Century.

This represents the first years the Museum was opened to the public, recognizing the three main shows that played each weekend in 1982, including “Life and Work of Michael Faraday”. Professional actors were Artists-in-Residence during the inaugural year. Faraday was portrayed by Mark, and he’s the fellow with the “mutton chops”.

It’s wonderfully, ironically terrific that “technology” allows oneself to look over the ligament of that young man and collaborate nearly three decades later … as old Scrooge to youth…

John McKay, Roy Alexander, Thom Banks, Freda Nicholson, Rodney, Kit … the visionaries, when all was new and truly exploratory. Ah, they had such fun!

“May your feet always be busy, may your hands always be quick, may you have a solid foundation when the winds of changes hit. May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung, and may you stay forever young.” – Dylan


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