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October 10, 2017
Zadoli Milan 1000,1500,2500 ml Square and 250,525,700 ml Round and 450 ml Glass Locked food Container set of 7
October 10, 2017

DMG Virtual Reality Headset with Advanced Controller, DMG 3D VR Adjustable Glasses Virtual Reality Box for iPhone 7 Plus 6 Plus 6s, all Smartphone

DMG Virtual Reality Headset with Advanced Controller, DMG 3D VR Adjustable Glasses Virtual Reality Box for iPhone 7 Plus 6 Plus 6s, all Smartphone

DMG fetch to you their latest VR glasses that just lets you enjoy your smartphone in true immersive 3D virtual reality. Thousands of Virtual Reality apps and games are now available on Google Play store and Apple App store and numerous more are getting added daily, just search for VR and you will find the games and apps. Just download “VR games” apps & “3D split screen” videos to your smartphone to enjoy immersive, fun and exciting world of VR by DMG VR Headset in cost-effective easy way.

DMG VR lenses do not harm your eyes with their special coated glasses. FOV is 90 degree, bigger fov is harmful for eyes as its distance is too close, and will get dizzy after minutes. Our lenses have reasonable focal length, so no optical lenses adjustment is needed.

Humanized Design for Fun and Play:

1.You can correct the position of phone at any time even while watching movies or playing games, it is simplification to make sure the middle lines of phone and glasses overlap. The humanized design of harness can excursive part of pressure from the bridge of nose, comfortable for wearing.

2.DMG 3D VR Headset is inspired from Google Cardboard and its more well-shaped with Non-toxic environmental materials, also with secure breathable foam to protect you from the machine.

3. The overhead strap comes with extra padding so that it does not hurt to wear the VR for longer durations. The back strap is hard solid making it easierr to fit your head.

4. Proper instruction manuals are provided to guide you through if this is the first time you are using a VR.

5. VR controller included with the package is lightweight and easy to use. Just pair it with your phone via Bluetooth. The 360 degree rotating controller makes playing games fun and exciting.
6. Get a 6 MONTH Manufacturer warranty, if there’s any issue with the lens or VR we will replace it for free no questions asked!SMARTEST VR GLASSES THAT BREATHE: DMG VR Glasses have been designed so thast you can have a non-stop experience playinhg games or watching movies without any discomfort. Any VR game or movies tend to heat up your phone as your phone processors are used to the full. This is why our VR features special holes that allow your phone to breathe while inside the VR. Cool air is continuously sucked in while the hot air goes out which keeps your phone cool.
FREE EXCITING VR CONTROLLER: We have included an exciting VR controller just for you. Now not just sit and watch but even play games that require movement. Press the Start key on the controller till the light flickers red, then search for it in yourt phone’s Bluetooth connection and pair the device. Play first person shooters, car racing, bike racing or just use the controller for navigations.
ONE CONTROLLER, MANY ADVANTAGES: With the 360 degrees rotatring joystick, you can maneuvre easily across games. You can even use the controller to control the volume on your phone. The B button will mute your phone, while X and A buttons can be used to increase or decrease the volume. The controller features a Game mode as well as a Keyboard mode.
STURDY BELT with GREAT PADDING: Wearing a VR can be stressful if the weight is not properly handled by the overhead belt. So we put a lot of effort in designing a belt that absorbs the weight of VR headset. The overhead mount has a rigid block with padding while the back is hard and provides great support. The velcro straps let you easily controll the length so that it can face all types of faces easily.
OPTICAL LENS ADJUSTMENT: Wear Glasses? Worry no more! Just use the inbuilt buttons to control the optical length and easily adjust the screen to suit your eyes. Adjusting the focal distance reduces stress, which lets you enjoy your VR experience for a longer duration.

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