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Fire Stick Description, Price

Fire Stick

The Ultimate Amazon Fire Stick User Guide To TV, Movies, Apps, Games & Much More! Plus Advanced Tips And Tricks!

By having read this guide you will know everything you want to know about the Amazon Firestick. This informative and concise eBook covers everything from how to set-up your Amazon Firestick device to the best apps to download, secret tips and tricks and more.


Fire Stick Description, Price

The Amazon Fire TV is a streaming media player, which means it takes content from the Internet (videos, music, games, etc.) and displays it on your TV. The Fire TV comes in two models: the Amazon Fire TV, which is a small box and the Fire TV Stick. The two models work very similarly but obviously there are some differences; otherwise the stick wouldn’t be $50 cheaper now, would it?!

Here are the main differences between the two models.

  • Both models support 1080p HD resolution. The box also supports 4K Ultra HD.
  • The Fire TV box connects to your TV with an HDMI cable and plugs into the wall with a standard A/C adapter. The Fire TV Stick plugs correctly into an HDMI port on your TV, which makes it great for wall-mounted TVs. The power comes from a USB cable that you can plug into a USB port on your TV or into the wall with the included adapter.
  • The box is faster and has more remember. It also has a port for connecting it to your router with an Ethernet cable and a USB port and microSD slot to provide additional storage, none of which the stick has.
  • The box has some extra apps that aren’t supported by the stick (~5200 vs 4800). I think these are mostly games that have higher performance requirements.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Setting Up,
  • Menu’s & Settings,
  • Recommended Apps,
  • Hidden Tips.

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