Hitachi RAV518HUD Price, Features, Specifications
March 9, 2017
Hitachi RAU518AVD Price, Features, Specifications
March 9, 2017

Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1 Price, Features, Specification


Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1

The Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1 is a very powerful Window AC which gives very effective cooling.

It is well suited to spend in your home or office. It has the auto climate feature which cools depending on the temperature and humidity level.

The Auto power save feature of the AC will guarantees that when the room has reached the desired temperature the load consumed by the ac is reduced.

Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1 Price, Features, Specification


The Hitachi Window AC has a capacity of 1.5 tons.


The Hitachi AC is a window model and has an attractive front panel. The AC is white in colour.


The Hitachi AC has a powerful mode which helps to cool a room much faster. It uses pre-coated aluminium fins which ensure efficiency and durability of the AC. The AC also has a lower pull down time which also helps to save energy.

Air Filters:

The Hitachi window AC ensures that the user gets fresh and pure air that is also cleaned of dust particles with its special filters. The dust filter of the Hitachi Ac ensures that no dust enters the room. The Koukin filter ensures that the wet heat exchanger does not cause the growth of mould inside the Ac which could cause a foul odour. The AC also has a filter clean indicator.

Speed of Cooling:

The cooling capacity of the Hitachi AC is 5275W.

Noise Level:

The indoor noise level of the Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1 Window AC is not known.


The Hitachi AC has selectable fan speed which allows the user to set the speed of the fan. The dry mode ensures that the humidity level in the room is perfect. The auto restart feature of the Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1 allows the AC to switch on automatically after a power failure with the same settings.

Other Features:

The dimensions of the Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1 AC are W-660mm x D-755mm x H-430mm and it weighs 63 kg. The AC uses a R-22 refrigerant gas on a rotary compressor. It has a one year warranty. And 5 years warranty on the compressor

Energy Ratings:

The Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1 AC has a 5 star energy rating.
Installation: For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call Hitachi support directly on 35324848 & 30414747 (prefixed by STD codes) and provide the product’s model name.
Window:-1.5 ton capacity.
Energy Rating: 5 Star Rating.
1 year warranty on product,5 years warranty on compressor.


INR 29,890.00
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