Dell Inspiron i3179 Laptop Price, Features, Specifications
May 31, 2017

IPearl MCover Case Dell Price, Features, Specifications

IPearl MCover Case Dell

The new IPearl MCover Case Dell is a  Collection for Mac | PC | Chromebook Laptops Product Highlights: + Designed to fit the new 13.3″ Dell Inspiron 13 7347 / 7348 / 7359 2-in-1 convertible laptops like a scarf to protect it against scratches and accidental damages.

Compatible with the following Dell Inspiron 13 7347 / 7348 / 7359 series with Dimensions of 19 mm x 330 mm x 222 mm (w/ 3 cell battery) or 0.75″ x 13″ x 8.74″

IPearl MCover Case Dell  Price, Features, Specifications

Dell Inspiron 13 7347 2-in-1 convertible model w/ Touch Screen.

Dell Inspiron 13 7348 2-in-1 convertible model w/ Touch Screen This case is NOT congruent with: – Dell Inspiron 13 7352 2-in-1 laptops.

IPearl offers protective mCoverA cases for ALL Current MacBook | ChromeBook models and selected popular PC laptops, protecting 2, 000, 000+ Mac | PC | Chromebook laptops and iPads | Kindles | Nooks close the world.

(02/17/2016)Made of USA-made high-quality opaque DOW polycarbonate material, which is shatter-proof and will protect your 13.3″(diagonal) Dell Inspiron 13 7347 / 7348 / 7359 2-in-1 series laptop all around.
Designed to totally fit the 13.3-inch Dell Inspiron 13 7347 / 7348 / 7359 2-in-1 series Touch Screen laptop and protect ALL corners.
NOT compatible with any other ChromeBook and any other Dell / non-Dell laptop models.
Compatible with Notebook mode, Tablet Stand mode, Tent mode. NOT Fully compatible with Tablet mode.
2-piece light-weight (9 oz or 260 g) shell easily snaps on and off.



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