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October 3, 2017
Balloon pop
October 3, 2017

MINECRAFT: Hoody and the Cave Endermen (Book 4) (minecraft diaries, minecraft books for kids, minecraft adventures, minecraft handbook, minecraft edition, … combat) (Minecraft Fairy Tales Series)

Hoody is an Enderman with a conscience. No longer enjoying stealing from the villagers, he tries to stand up to his fellow Endermen – only to be kicked out in the cold.

Zaq is a young boy with a keen eye and knows something is happening with the village items that keep getting stolen. After a day in the woods, he comes across an Enderman who seems different.

The two of them soon become the best of friends and team up together to help save the village from more thefts and to stop the evil Endermen from coming back. They have a plan, but can they really trap and all the Endermen and save the village?

Find out now inside!

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