Mitsubishi MS-H18VA Price, Features, Speicfications
March 11, 2017
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March 11, 2017

Mitsubishi Heavy Price, Features, Specifications


Mitsubishi Heavy

Presenting Mitsubishi Heavy split air conditioner to let you feel icy cool during the heat.

This air conditioner is reliable for home & office as it occupies less space in the house and provides maximum cooling.

The air conditioner absorbs less electricity compared to other contemporary air conditioners of the same capacity class.

Designed beautifully to match your home interiors, this appliance is a absolute pick to beat the heat.

Mitsubishi Heavy Price, Features, Specifications

Brand Mitsubishi
Model (Indoor) SRK20CLS-6
Model (Outdoor) SRK20CLS-6
Type Split AC
Capacity(Ton) 1.5
Other Modes Air Direction, Auto On/Off Timer, Economic Sleep Mode,Dry Mode
Anti Bacterial Filter Yes
24 Hours- ION Yes
NaturalEnzyme Filter Yes
Solar Filter Yes
Allergen Filter Yes
Convinience Features
Auto Restrart Yes
Auto Swing Yes
Power Input(Watts) 1475
Cooling Capacity(Btu/Hr) 19500
Net Weight(kgs) 17(IDU)/46(ODU)
Air Flow Rate(CMH) 2350
Indoor Noise Level(H/M/L)(db) 47/44/42
  • 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner
  • Self Diagnosis & 5 Star Rating
  • Natural Enzyme + Solar Filter
  • Hybrid Technology
 Capacity: 1 Ton
Type: Split AC
Energy Ratings: 2 Star
Model Name: SRK 12CM-6
Compressor Type: Heavy Duty Rotary.

Warranty: 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty.

Indoor Dimensions – H:W:D – 262MM:769MM:210MM. Outdoor Dimensions – H:W:D – 540MM:780MM:290MM.


INR 33,600.00
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