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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Workforce Division

To contribute a forum for effective interaction between government, industry, academia, and the public at large for the rising of the national security Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workforce.

Broad Objectives

* Increase NDIA’s participation in fascinating and charming K-12 students into STEM careers.
* Maximize cooperation between federal departments, agencies, and industry on STEM workforce development initiatives.
* Support the development of integrated polices around the STEM workforce.
* Establish partnerships to gather and disseminate information and coordinate resources to build a robust STEM veteran of the future.

Specific Objectives

* Provide industry support to interested government agencies symmetrical to national security STEM workforce matters through close liaison and direct interface with appropriate government elements.
* Provide concepts and linkages to NDIA chapters and divisions on opportunities for their participation and activism in support of K-12 STEM education and careers.
* Conduct government/industry meetings and conferences to provide effective communications on STEM Workforce-related matters.
* Support in the development and maintenance of a website reference area as a resource for Chapters, Divisions, Member Companies, and individuals to research opportunities for participating in STEM educational outreach activities.
* Maintain close liaison with other industry associations, professional societies, universities, and other groups with similar interests in pursuing the above objectives and ensuring the avoidance of unnecessary duplication of effort.
* Conduct studies and provide reports on National Security STEM Workforce matters in coordination with government agencies.


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