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March 24, 2017
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March 25, 2017

NEW Kindle Cheat Sheet! Descriptions, Price

NEW Kindle Cheat Sheet!

Finally……The Secret to Millions of Free Kindle Books, Documents, Movies, Audio Books and More is through this book NEW Kindle Cheat Sheet!


The buzz is on! Kindle is here.

Presented, thousands of consumer electronic products are launched every year.

Most of these products fail miserably, remember the Newton?

Most of the products which do succeed have a very limited shelf life, think Walkman, portable DVD players, e-book readers, watch phones and high-end rolling ball vacuum cleaners.

The Kindle Fire is very, very different.

If you have one you know it’s true.

The Kindle Fire is NOT an e-book reader in the typical sense of reading electronic books. It’s much more.

Now don’t get me wrong…..

I’m not trying to sell Kindle Fire!

The focus of this book is to show you how to get boatloads of free content, books, movies, applications, games, documents and more.

Granted, when you buy Kindle Fire, and subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’ll have access to thousands of bestselling books, magazines, movies, TV shows and more.

NEW Kindle Cheat Sheet! Descriptions, Price

But let’s get real…. wants you to buy and use their content. That’s okay. is a first class resource.

But most Kindle Fire users want more choices, more books and content not available on

That is why I wrote this book!

This book is not an advertorial. It’s a book about the freedom to choose the type of content you like best – for FREE!

Almost everyone loves FREE.

Sure…you can use Google to find all kinds of free Kindle books and content. But it will take you years of searching to find all of the beginning included in this book.

I’m serious.

This book was more than two years in the making! We threw out THOUSANDS of sources for free content because they were deceptive, hard to use or just plain irrelevant.

You can do something for me though.

Going forward I’m sure you’ll find fantastic sources of free content, books, movies and more.

Please send me the links with your thoughts. If they pass our “detector” tests I’ll include them in the next edition of the FREE Kindle Cheat Sheet!

I hope you enjoy my work and this book.

Get ready for an exciting adventure!

The Secret to Millions of Free Kindle Books, Documents, Movies, Audio Books and More!


buy now from amazon

INR 166.00

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