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July 21, 2014
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July 30, 2014

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In July 2014, as part of their digital media production course, ten BTEC students were at the Open University campus finding out more about its work on Europe’s comet-chasing spacecraft, Rosetta – the world’s first mission to land on a comet.

Working with scientists at the OU’s world-leading physical sciences department (and a colleague from the University of Kent), the students produced two short videos about the mission whilst developing their media skills in the process.

This video is their account of the scientific story of the OU’s contributions to Rosetta.

For more Information about the OU’s contributions to Rosetta, select:

For more Information about the OU’s School University Partnership Initiative, select:

For more Information about the OU’s approach to engaging research, select:


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  1. Fascinating, I will google this back at my computer. I sadly had no idea humans would land a probe on a comet next month.

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