More Women Need in Science Technology Engineering and Math Careers by
January 19, 2012
ASNHS Youth Science Technology and Environment Camp by
April 23, 2012

S.T.E.M – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math by

Global ImageWorks has assembled the ultimate S.T.E.M. motion collection ready for you to use in your next production.

See the building blocks of our world with HD animations of DNA, atoms, and cells. Step into the lab to view microscope slides, Petri dishes and 3D ultra sounds. Over 7000 new clips are available in many different formats including HD.

Science in motion: Dazzling stock footage about scientific subjects
Technology in action: Footage that illustrates and explains technological concepts
Engineering with imagery: A new way to illustrate a different way of thinking
Math as art: Witness the incredible world of animated fractals

Footage available for license from


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