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September 29, 2011
Thought Technology Science Division by Gadgetsfact.com
November 8, 2011

Science & U!: Science, Technology and Outer Space by Gadgetsfact.com

On this episode of Science & U! we talk about Aphophis, an asteroid the size of the Empire State Building, which may hit Earth in years to come as well as the methods scientists are exploring to prevent it’s impact. We explore the medical revolution surrounding the DaVinci Surgical System, a robot which allows surgeons to make safer and more precise operations. We talk with high school students who are building robots in their classrooms to compete in robotic competitions, how outer space is soon to become the next hottest tourist destination, the creation of a new and improved space suit for astronauts, and finally we sit down with Dr. Andrew Rosenberg to talk about Watson, the IBM artificial intelligence computer that beat two contestants on Jeopardy. It’s all part of this episode of Science & U!

Taped 09-27-11

Watch more Science & U! at www.cuny.tv/show/scienceandu


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