Prophet Muhammad on Science, Technology & Development by
November 27, 2011
More Women Need in Science Technology Engineering and Math Careers by
January 19, 2012

Science & U!: Science, Technology and the Internet by

•Ernabel Demillo visits a classroom where one teacher is using the popular game Angry Birds to teach physics.

•Mike Gilliam reports on efforts to prevent cyber-hacking and cyber-crime.

•Marlene Peralta tells us why we all need to unplug and reconnect.

•Grant Greenberg shows us the latest technology on tracking a lost pet.

•Lisa Beth Kovetz explores the world of 3-D printing.

•Barry Mitchell profiles a scientist with a rather unusual background.

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Internet Addiction:

Animal GPS:

Taped: 12-27-11

Science & U! explores the world of science, taking the headlines and information you need and showing its importance in our everyday life. From technology, research and health to kids, humor and the arts each program explores these topics in clear, concise and engaging presentations designed for audiences of all backgrounds and ages!


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